#89346 - Team Associated

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    • Producent: Team Associated
    • Waga: 300 g
    FT 16 x 38mm Rear Shock Kit

    FT 16 x 38mm Rear Shock Kit

    • Hard anodized, threaded 16mm aluminum shock bodies.
    • Extra-large shock bladders to allow full volume compensation.
    • Heavy-duty 4 mm stainless steel shafts.
    • Shock boots.
    • Uses existing RC8 shaft and eyelet. Factory Team Gold shock shafts included.
    • Comes with tunable pistons (pre-dimpled).
    • Aluminum Caps for durability with drilled bleed hole that makes for easy bleeding and adjustable rebound.
    • EZ Grip knurled shock collars.
    • Improved shock boots design that won't tear and allows easy installation of the spring cup. Boots also have built in rubber bump-stops.


    • Increased stability in rough sections.
    • Softer landings on big jumps.
    • More predictable in the corners.
    • Large oil volume reduces the effect of heating up during a main event.
    • Uses lighter oils for same feel, light oils last longer and stay more. consistent in varying temperatures.